22/04/2023 | Prievidza

Eurogold Pyramid - Winner takes it all

One Day - 8 MMA Fighters - 3 Fights to Win
30 000€ Cash Reward

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1 Day - 30.000 Euro
8 MMA Fighters, 4 Mentors, 3 Fights to Win

Real Fight Arena enters the professional MMA scene and plans to bring martial arts to a wide audience of spectators with the highest quality. The fact that domestic fighters have something to offer, even compared to world-renowned rivals, is a given and does not even have to be mentioned.

However, the RFA does not only stay with the Czechoslovak domestic scene, it also attacks the international market, which is why we are already working with interesting foreign names from Poland, Serbia or even Cuba. The cage will also feature world-class MMA stars from UFC or other top organizations. In addition to the popular MMA fights, we prepare matches in attitude – Real Fight matches under the rules of Muay Thai in small gloves, which undoubtedly adds to the attractiveness of this fighting sport.

RFA is here to support the Slovak and Czech warrior bases, which we will help on the way to become not only professionals, but also MMA stars. Among other things, as the first organization on the Czech-Slovak scene, we also support amateur fighters and are already preparing the first cooperation with IAF, SLAM, MMAA and others.

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Celebrity ako mentori bojovníkov: Boj o 30 000 eur.

Okrem toho, že sa bude musieť zvládnuť navážiť 80 kilogramov v deň galavečera, čakajú ho tri MMA zápasy behom pár hodín...


RFA MMA organizácia 2023 – program, bojovníci, projekty, kalendár turnajov!

Organizácia RFA MMA má v roku 2023 na programe niekoľko turnajov...


Tréner šampiónov či zlatý slávik. RFA predstavuje hneď 2 mentorov EUROGOLD pyramídy.

Prvým oznámeným mentorom je tréner šampiónov Ilja Škondrič, ktorý sa...


4 teams and 4 mentors
Hard Work, Discpiline, Motivation, Lorem

The rivalry between the Slovak and Czech nations has always brought "sharp" battles and it will be the case now as well… we already know that it will be tense not only during the matches.

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